Call Management Indicators Essay

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Quality Support Call Monitoring Customer Experience & Call Management | |ACHIEVING |DEVELOPMENT |UNACCEPTABLE | |1. Call Control & ownership |10 |5 |0 | | |Call Structured, takes full ownership |Some structure, limited ownership |No structure or ownership | | |Controls call throughout |Struggles to maintain control |No control - call is customer lead | | |Fully understands customer requirements |Limited understanding of customer requirements |No understanding of customer requirements | | |Sounds confident throughout |Lacks confidence/some hesitancy |No confidence/very hesitant | | |No unnecessary dead air/holding/sign posted throughout|Some dead air/unnecessary holding/sign posting |Excessive dead air/holding/sign posting - no explanation | | |Summarises and confirms all actions |Some summarising/confirmation of actions |No outcome to call - customer irritated | |

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