Call It Courage

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1) Book Information- In this story Call It Courage there is a young boy named Mafatu who Is scared of the sea from his near Death experience as a baby. The author Armstrong Sperry wrote the story with many shocking and detailed events. This takes place in the South Pacific Islands, during the early 1800’s. 2) Summary- When Mafatu was a baby his mother and him were out at sea and went through a violent storm which killed his mother. Although somehow Mafatu was still alive. Ever since his incident he has been scared to go out to sea. With his father Tavana Nui being the Chief of the island he has a lot of people pressuring him to be the best. The Other young boys on the island always make fun of him and call him names. So one day Mafatu decides to face his fears and to go out to sea solo. As he is out at sea he encounters a large shark, but Mafatu quickly stabbed and killed the shark. He also goes through a deadly storm that damages his canoe, from now on Mafatu had to swim all the way the nearest land. Mafatu now has to build a new Canoe out of a tree trunk. He also comes across some dangerous animals like boars, but defends himself and survives the attacks. With his successful canoe that he had made he begins to head back to his home island. When he gets there he is consider a man to everyone and a very brave role model. 3) Character Analysis- In this story the main character Mafatu father is Tavana Nui, the chief of the island. Many people expect Mafatu to be as good as his father. Unfortunately he has has a stong fear of the sea, from and inident him and his mother had which had died, Mafatu survived but always remember that dramatic day. In the beginning of the story Mafatu was too scared to go ever go out to sea. After his long journey his personality changes a lot, and becomes a brave and strong person. 4) Theme- The theme of the story is to be

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