California Community Colleges Cutting Enrollment Essay

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California Community Colleges Cutting Enrollment Yesterday, as I watched the California news on ABC, I began to think that we should all be worried, and even seriously concerned. I felt like I was watching a propaganda movie, this wasn’t really news. It was talking about the Glendale Community College system which is facing an 800 million dollar budget cut for the upcoming school year. They also said that the school has to cut summer and winter intercessions. The first thing that went through my mind was, “how dare them”. Many students use the summer and winter intercessions to repeat courses and to take courses to get ahead in their studies. My main concern is that the college is spending their money elsewhere, such as very high salaries for the people in top management. If the salaries and bonuses were lower, then the 800 million dollar budget cut would not affect the summer and winter programs. This is why I think the news is nothing but propaganda trying to cover up the real truth. The second topic that concerned me was how they interviewed the students. All of them said the same thing; they can’t transfer to a four-year university and have to stay at Glendale Community College longer, which is already overcrowded. I believe that either the students were not being honest or most likely the journalists were cutting other true information out. Why didn’t they ask the students where they thought the school’s budget money was being spent or what they think happened to the money? I believe this is because it’s all propaganda and not about reporting the real news. Journalists have always been aware that they could influence how their audience forms their opinions. For example, if it is revealed that Glendale Community College (GCC) is carelessly using the state’s money for high salaries in top management and ridiculous bonuses, we would lose our faith

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