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BFC 32703 SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT 1 GREEN BUILDING: CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE California Academy of Science Introduction California Academy of Science which declared in2008 to be certified LEED Platinum. This is the greenest museum in the world and thus the highest possible rating from the US Green Building Council. California Academy of Science comprises of a roof top vegetation of living plants that cover 2.5 acres of landmass, 60,000 photo voltanic cells, indoor rainforest with living animal and plants, NASA sponsored planetarium and living aquarium, all of which contribute to its eco credentials. The building was designed by the architectural group Renzo Piano Workshop in Genoa, Italy. Concept “With the new Academy, we have created a museum that is visually and functionally linked to its natural surroundings, metaphorically lifting up a piece of the park and putting a building underneath.” /Renzo Piano Piano's design concept is metaphorically lifting up a piece of the park and sliding the museum underneath. Piano's goal was to create a sense of transparency and connectedness between the building and the park through selection of materials and arrangement of space. Sustainable Design Energy Efficiency Soil as Insulation The green rooftop canopy provides significant gains in heating and cooling efficiency. The six inches of soil substrate on the roof act as natural insulation. The steep slopes of the roof also act as a natural ventilation system, funneling cool air into the open-air plaza on sunny days. The skylights perform as both ambient light sources and a cooling system, automatically opening on warm days to vent hot air from the building. Solar Energy Panels Surrounding the Living Roof is a large glass canopy with a decorative band of 60,000 photovoltaic cells. These solar panels will generate

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