Caliban in the Tempest

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In shakespeares, ‘the tempest’, there is a monstrous spirit of the earth called caliban. He is presented by Shakespeare as both a villan and a victim. Calibans history began when his mother, the terrible monster sycorax, was outlawed to an island from argier, for practicing dark magic.caliban roamed he island alone, until one day aman and his daughter arrived from Milan. They lived together in harmony, until caliban – deeply in love- abuses Miranda. prospero was furious, and traps and enslaves him. Shakespeare presents caliban as ugly using other characters dialogua. For example, trinculo thinks that hi ‘smells like a fish’. This is using a simile to compare him. Trinculo takes a closer look, and observes that he is ‘legged like a man’ with ‘fins like arms’, so ha concludes that he must be ‘an islander that hath lately suffered by a thunderbolt’. This suggests that he looks deformed, and ill. Staphano also thinks that caliban is a diseased monster because is ‘a monster of this isle who hath, is i take it, got an ague’. Caliban behaves negatively, but also positively. In the negative aspect of his behaviour, when he’s angry he curses Prospero using aspects of nature which means that he must be a spirit of the earth such as ‘toads, bats, beetles, light on you’ and also ‘blister you all over’ and ‘the red plague rid you’. He is not only violent in his speech, but in his actions. Prospero tells him that he ‘didst seek to violate the honour of my child’. He is referring to his daughter Miranda. He also curses Trinculo for mocking him; he calls him a ‘pied ninny’ and ‘thou jesting monkey’, ‘thou scurvey patch’. He then instructs Stephano to ‘beat him enough and bite him to death. But Caliban also has a soft side; he loves the island and its mysteries: ‘the isle is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not... a thousand twangling
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