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Dylan Prince Caliban Article 12/5/12 In this paper I will take a deeper look at Calian and compare my ideas and opinions to others in the article of my choosing. Caliban is known across the world, but everywhere you look people have different perspectives on him. Is this really a bad thing? I don’t think so, mainly because as stories get passed around it is usual for things to change over time and that is certainly no different with this. In this article it goes straight into talking about how Caliban is not a monster, but he is simply someone who has been influenced by colonization. I all along have seen Caliban this way, but not everyone shares my opinion, except in this case where the author has my opinion. Caliban seemed evil because of what Prospero turned him into, but it is not Caliban’s fault for turning into a “monster” he just did not know how to act with others and simply did as they asked. I tend to look at him as a kid because he is impressionable, that is why he acted as he did. Mannoni was the author that portrayed Caliban as someone that was influenced by colonization. He was soon attacked by authors that claimed Mannoni did not know enough to make these claims about Caliban. I disagree with these other authors; you do not need to know every detail to make a statement that is as obvious as this one. All of the others used one on thing against Mannoni and it was that he had never studied slavery, but from what I know what happened with Caliban had nothing to do with slavery so I am completely against their ideas an opinions on this matter. Aimé Césaire, another author against Mannoni, says that Caliban is a slave that has escaped and claimed his birthright island. I am not quite sure were all of these slave views are coming from, but I do agree with Caliban claiming his island. Why shouldn’t Caliban be allowed to have his island? I mean it was

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