Calculating Deflection of a Statically Indeterminate Beam Under Loading

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Strengths Lab report Calculating deflection of a statically indeterminate Beam under loading Summary The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the accuracy of theoretical calculation for deflection in beams compared to that of experimental procedure. Our findings showed us that theoretical calculations are an accurate method of approximation and also that deflection directly varies with transverse force applied. Therefore the use of theoretical calculations for engineering design is an accurate and useful and time saving method. We also used load cells to calculate reaction forces and moments. For the calculation of the reaction moment at the support mounted on an arm, the value for the reaction force is multiplied by the distance at which the force is acting. The values for these reactions are also calculated theoretically and compared to the experimental values which are also found to be coherent. Intro Bending of beams or slender members occurs when there is tangential load acting on the member. This load could be due to the weight of the member alone or a combination of weight and working load, such as a bridge which needs to be engineered to be able to support itself but also a working load. This load could due to vehicles passing over as their combined weight would cause a Load force at various positions on the bridge. These loads cause bending, which is a deformation of the member; this can be classified as elastic or inelastic (plastic) deformation. Elastic deformation occurs when a member is deformed under loading and when the load is removed, it returns to its original state. Inelastic deformation is when the load causes a permanent deformation of the material and is usually to be avoided in engineering design applications. 1 Figure 1 graph from Micro sensor technology [2] Figure 1 show a basic stress/strain graph the first section can be

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