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Cakewalk to College “Cakewalk to College” was written by longtime member of the sociology faculty at Rutgers, Jackson Toby. He has written numerous articles and several books including social problems in American (1972, with Harry Bridemier). “Cakewalk to College” was published on March 2, 2000 in the Washington Post. The author starts his argument by saying students don’t do well in high school and colleges should have an entrance exam, he is initially putting the blame on colleges. What he is trying to say is Students do poorly in high school because they are okay with average and colleges need to have an entrance exam and the students will hopefully do better in college. Toby states “colleges like Harvard and Yale etc. have 10 or more applicants for every place in the freshman class.” The author isn’t saying all students are less efficient jus some. I believe if they make all the colleges have an entrance exam it will just make things harder for students. I agree with Toby to a certain extent but he cannot place full blame on all schools. He believes if all colleges have an entrance exam then more students will do better in high school and college. Students won’t just “go through the motions”; they will try their best. The evidence is…show more content…
He could have brought up the fact that students have financial problems or they could be having problems at home. I don’t believe all the blame should be on just the students. Professor Steinberg never mentioned the teachers and what they can do to improve the grades of the students. In my opinion I think if the teachers and students work harder and together, we will be able to have better results from the students and better statistics. The information given was somewhat sufficient because the facts were one

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