Cake Design Essay

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Jaime’s Cake Design I work at a laboratory during the week from nine to five, but after hours and on weekends when I have free time I supplement my income and feed my passion for cake decorating by making and decorating everything from a giant Mickey Mouse cake to a stunningly designed wedding cake. I have been using word of mouth for the most part as a means of advertisement and considering it is not a full time job it keeps me in orders. I do believe that business cards or even emailing the card to people after I fill an order so that they can refer others to my business would help me grow my side business quite a bit. I decided to make two different business cards for this project for my business “Jaime’s Cake Design”. I utilized Shapes and colors, Typography, cartoons, and Images. I will explain why I feel that images in my case images are most effective. On the first design I made it look a little more sophisticated for anyone that would be looking for something fancier like an adult birthday party or a wedding. I used browns and white so that it would be warm. The second design I made more child friendly, full of colors and shapes. Children seem to like very bright colors so I thought that would be more fitting for someone looking for a child’s party (which for me is generally the case). The typography I used on the more sophisticated card was with a font called Vivaldi; it had many loops and flows very beautifully. I thought it would be very fitting because when I looked at this particular font it reminded me of something classic. On the second fun version of the card I used a font called “Cupcake”. As the name Cupcake suggests it is very whimsical and reminds me of a child’s writing with crayons. I also chose to use an exclamation mark after “birthdays, Weddings, and parties” to suggest excitement. On both designs I used very large seventy two point
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