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Michael Americas Prison System Many people say that America’s prison system is corrupt or not right. I agree on many others ideas of treatment rather than incarceration, in Gopniks essay he states that many of the prisoners in the US are of the minority, why is that? There are also many ways to keep down recidivism in prisoners but some are so mentally ill they are bound to come back. Criminal sentences may involve one or more different elements, including incarceration, prison, jail, probation, restitution and community service. Which is a great to use on smaller offences so prisons don’t keep on getting packed full of people. Some state laws require the judges to impose what are called determinate prison sentences. A determinate sentence is a fixed-term sentence pronounced by a judge. For example, a defendant sentenced to 30 days in county jail or five years in state prison has received a determinate sentence. (NOLO) Other state laws require judges to give indeterminate sentences. Indeterminate sentences are those in which the legislature sets a minimum or maximum time of incarceration but leaves the decision as to when to release an inmate to prison officials. As a rule, indeterminate sentences are only imposed on people who are sentenced to state prison after being convicted of a felony. In Gopniks essay he does talk about using alternative sentences but does not go into much detail on what they could be. I would say a great way to punish people to commit smaller offences is community service. Judges can sentence defendants to perform unpaid community work called community service to repay a debt to society for having committed the offense. The defendant may be required to perform community service in addition to receiving some other form of punishment, such as probation, a fine, or restitution. While fines go to the state, restitution is money paid by
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