Cafos Argumentative Essay

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Despite the economic benefits and facilitated availability of food, the costs of CAFOs outweigh the benefits. CAFOs are concentrated animal feeding operations, which are a subset of AFOs (animal feeding operations). They are facilities where animals are kept in a confined area for all or most of their lives. Not only is there the evident poor treatment of animals, but there is also evidence of various forms of contamination in groundwater, surface water, and the air from CAFOs. There has been much controversy concerning with the expansion and building of more CAFOs, particularly in the town of Farmville. There are currently four operations in Farmville and I believe that four is enough. Economic prosperity is not worth the quality of life of humans. Farmville does not need anymore CAFOs. A major concern regarding the operations is the contamination factor. The confined animals produce billions of pounds of manure waste per…show more content…
There are multiple testimonies that have stated the contamination causing health problems in the individuals and families of the town. A Farmville resident and father of the James family has stated that his young son is constantly affected by asthma attacks due to the contaminated air. The manure odor from the CAFOs has created breathing difficulties for him along with constant headaches. He is unable to go outside without being bombarded by respiratory ailments. The Sykes family gets their water from a personal drinking well, but Mrs. Sykes has considered switching their family to bottle water or tediously boiling the well water. Why? The Sykes’s were experiencing gastrointestinal ailments such as upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea due to the contamination from the CAFOs in their family well possibly from groundwater seepage. In addition to the James family and the Sykes family, there are many others affected by this scourge of the environment and
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