Caffeine and its effects on Society

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Caffeine and its effects on Society Why do people rely on caffeine to accomplish things? This is a serious matter among Candians lately and its affecting the way they are living their lives. Canadians today feel like tasks and assignments are unaccomplishable without their daily caffeine fix. This drug is most commonly used for attentiveness or wakefulness but has many side effects that Canadians aren’t realizing. Caffeine has a major effect on the overall health of people. “Caffeine increases heartbeat, respiration, basal metabolic rate, and the production of stomach acid and urine; and it relaxes smooth muscles, notably the bronchial muscle,” (1). If precautions are not taken carefully during the consumption of caffeine, these results may occur. Obviously sleep is a necessity for everybody and caffeine will effect sleeping habits. “Caffeine is known to cause insomnia because of its central nervous system stimulating activity. In fact, its major therapeutic use is to allay sleep and drowsiness, being the only OTC stimulant approved by the FDA,”(1). Sleep deprivation can lead to unhealthy eating habits which, therefore can lead to eating disorders. Caffeine consumption is occuring in more people each and every day. Even children are finding it easier to come across. Caffeine is being found in more substances than people realize and it seems to be all the things children favour. Examples are chocolate bars, most pops, and these so called “energy” drinks that seem to be so popular. It is becoming so bad that it seems like these items shouldn’t be sold to minors anymore. Parents need to take better precautions to benfefit their childrens future health. Caffeine is one of the most commonly used and abused drugs. People are taking advantage of its effects. With these facts and opinions, it’s a shame that people don’t take more of a

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