Caffeine Extraction Essay

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TEA EXTRACTION Esthephanie Peralta October, 7 CHEM 2583-04 The purpose of this lab is to extract caffeine from a tea bag. Structures Compounds used for the experiment Reference The Merck Index Online structures from Chemsketch Caffeine Calcium Chloride CaCl2 CCl2H2 M.P. 230C Sodium Carbonate Dichloromethane CNa2O3 C8H10N4O2 Data Table 1.1 |Density | Weighs (g) | |Side arm flask (empty) + nipples |38.206g | |Side arm flask + residue |38.230g | |Clean finger |10.218g | |Finger + product |10.219g | Table 1.2 | |Caffeine Content (Mg ) | |Tea, black fermented |40-75 mg | |Tea recovered |24.0 mg | Experimental Procedure 1. In a 50ml beaker add 2g of Sodium Carbonate and add 15ml of H2O. Grab second beaker and add 10 ml of water. Place both beakers into a hot plate, add the tea into the beaker that contains CNa2O3 and let them boil for 15 minutes. Keep

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