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In Julius Caesar, the male roles are often home to negative traits such as stubborness, arrogance, and poor communication skills. I agree with this conclusion. Caesar was brought down and murdered by men womb he believed to be his friends but due to poor communication, he was conspired against. Cassius was also killed due to a lack of communication. When he was warned about a possible loss in the battle, he immediately and cowardly orders his servant to kill him. If Cassius and his army had communicated better, his death could have been avoided. The conspirators all decided to side with Cassius because of their arrogance to the reality of the situation. They were so easily swayed to join the conspiracy without even talking to Caesar but just assuming that he would attempt to create a dictatorship. Additionally, Caesar is portrayed to be a power-hungry man that only cares about his own personal gain. Even though we find this later to be false, no one grasps this information until after it is too late. Caesar was a very stubborn man, never swaying his own personal beliefs due to others or the actions of others. For example, he refused the crown three times, insisting that it wasn’t appropriate. He is also very proud and it was just this that lead to his downfall. If he had only heeded Calpurnia’s warning and not attended the meeting with the Senate, he may not have been killed. Caesar was in fact a noble and good man but his stubborn and proud traits lead to his death. Cassius, a long time friend of Caesar, became intimidated by Caesars “god-like” influence on the citizens of Rome. Cassius began to feel threatened and betrayed even though Caesar had refused the crown three times. This was ignorance on Cassius’ part. He believed that despite the evidence, Caesar was already too corrupted and would take advantage of the situation eventually. Even

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