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Colby Heath 4/27/11 Dr. Lee History of Tennessee Cades Cove: The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community Durwood Dunn's book on the early settlement of an area in the Great Smoky Mountains known as Cades Cove details the journey of John Oliver as a young married man who was convinced by an old war buddy to pick up and travel to an area known to be filled with Indians and had not been permanently settled yet by any white men. Oliver was a poor man who was a collier (coal miner or producer) in Carter county Tennessee who joined the army in the war of 1812 in a swell of national pride. He was influenced greatly by a young officer in the army named Andrew Jackson who was fearless according to Oliver, and a would never order his men into smoothing he himself would not do. He was engaged to a woman named Lucretia before he went off to war. Lucretia was known for her domineering personality, and her ability to speak what was on her mind regardless of who or what it may have concerned. After the Oliver's were convinced to make the trek down an old Indian trail by Joshua Jobe, who promised to stay with the Oliver's. However, Jove left Cades cove by winter and left John, Lucretia, and their newborn baby to fend for themselves. It was the very Cherokee Indians that they feared so much that saved the…show more content…
in addition to the hardships of the war, the onslaught of guerrilla raids only strengthened the bond woven into the community of togetherness when they banded together to fight off the marauders who came into their town pillaging, and destroying their crops and goods severely inhibiting their ability to survive. The geography of the community really limited them and cut off their communication to the outside influence of the firebrand southerners who wanted to secede from the union preserving their desire to remain loyal to the
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