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GCSE APPLIED BUSINESS (DOUBLE AWARD) UNIT ONE: INVESTIGATION BUSINESS Introduction SECTION A- The activities of each organisation, illustrating how these enable each one to meet its aims and objectives. Aims and objectives An aim is a long term target that a business is trying to achieve. It gives a business a target to get. The target needs to be realistic so the business doesn’t feel like they haven’t accomplished anything. All businesses need a target so they can progress and reach up to their aims. All businesses main targets are to make money and profits. Businesses might want to make more profits than they did last year, they will try to expand their business to make money and get more customers. A businesses always is going to try and make a profit because if they don’t the business will be loosing money. They will always be trying to make more money than their costs and if they succeed that they get a profit. The business always needs to make profits so they can spend it on other people helping out or more stock etc. From the profits that the business makes they could start making expansions like more advertising which would attract more customers and therefore make more money. To make more money they could invest their profits to make more money like buying products and selling them at a higher price and that would make the business more profits. Objectives are steps for the business to reach their aim. It is about how they are going to go about to reach it. Objectives are how the business is going to reach their aim; they are steps to the business that would help them reach their aim. The business is going to have a few objectives which give you an idea of how you are going to reach their target. * I got this information from this website above. What is the difference

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