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HITEC UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME-404 FALL SEMESTER 2012 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN / COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURING COURSE SYLLABUS INSTRUCTOR: Assistant Professor Tanveer Ahmed Office: Mechanical Engineering department Email: As per time table CLASS HOURS: PREF. CONTACT: By Email I will generally send messages and lecture notes to you by email several times a week. Please check your email at least once a day. You may also send your questions/queries by email. Responding to questions in a detailed form through email is more convenient for me. OBJECTIVE: This course is focused on new product design. By the end of the course, you should be able to apply many of the design tools used by the industry to generate new product design. Because design and manufacturing are closely connected, we are also going to look at some of the manufacturing concepts that are current in industry. The course will • • • • • Familiarize the participants with current design fundamentals Present the computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing Introduce the on-going useful manufacturing concepts and their usage Provide the useful tools for automation Explain the concept of computer integrated manufacturing and concurrent engineering COURSE EFFECTIVENESS: • Redefines Product Design Fundamentals • Covers all aspects of computer in industrial manufacturing • Bridges the gap between Design and Manufacturing • Very useful for designers as well as other professionals • Presents concurrent engineering approach in computer aided engineering environment PREREQUISTES: COURSE NOTES: Understanding with Engineering Software’s e.g. AutoCAD, ProE etc Course Notes: These include lecture presentations, as well as some other readings. The course lectures will be emailed before the scheduled lectures every week. I will suggest that you take the

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