Cacs102: Culture Task

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Assessment 1: Glossary Task Culture Culture can be defined as a set of beliefs, rituals and traditions either carried out or understood by a group of people with 1 or more of the same interests and identities (Buchanan, I 2010). These interests or identities can be within their shared ethnicity, race or nationality. Race can refer to the characteristics of a person, ethnicity refers to the sharing of norms within a group and nationality signifies where you’re from or whom you identify yourself as (Barker, C 2007 pp. 247-249). In addition there are many disciplines that make use of the term culture such as history, sociology, anthropology and archaeology. This makes it challenging for one common definition of the term culture to be known, however common themes within these disciplines can be seen. The notion of a high and low culture then comes under the idea of judgment based on the hierarchy of society, these ideas of high culture and low culture then lead to the discussion of the value of culture (Barker, C 2007, p. 48). The term culture started to be used in critical theory during the time of Karl Marx, him and many theorists influenced by him such as Edward said and Antonio Gramsci, first used their theories to justify the concept of the word culture. These theorists used the term to describe the social formation in their studies of anthropology (Patterson, T, C 2009, p 91). Edward Said studied the relationship between culture and imperialism, while Antonio Gramsci studied the growing concept of mass culture (Marcia, L 1986, p 59). As suggested by Buchanan, I (2010) in the1950s in Britain cultural studies evolved, which saw the development of the idea of culture being seen as the bond that held society together. However before this the concept of the word culture originated from French culture or the concept of ‘growing cultivation’ meaning the word
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