Cache Level 3 Unit 1 B

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Unit 1-B Explain why it is important that practitioners understand the limits and boundaries of their role when working with children. The Role of level 3 practioners include confidentiality, safeguarding/child protection, meeting children’s needs, data protection, job role in workplace, teamwork, showing respect towards parents and carers, behaviour management, health and safety and security. It’s important for level 3 practioners to understand the boundaries and limits of their ensures consistency in practice therefore quality care, it also ensure legalisations are followed and Supports quality provision and enables effective teamwork and good communication. Practioners must have good communication and teamwork skills. Practioners may have to working with a variety of different other professionals which will require them to work together for the best chances for the child. They must also work well with other members in the workplace for their own professional improvement and for the settings improvement if they listen and share ideas they can help each other. It will also help when trying to solve problems or issues that arrive. Teamwork may also help when reviewing their own or settings practice and may help different spot weakness and strengths. Practioners must achieve certain things and follow to protect and safeguard children. Aims for government is for every child no matter background or circumstance is to be supported safe healthy enjoyed and achieve economic wellbeing and positive contribution and other laws such as the health and safety act, the children’s act and the childcare act. Ways which practioners help meet children’s needs are by promoting health eating. Some Local and nation inactive includes the 5 a day campaign which allows children to have a free piece of fruit at lunch. There is also the milk campaign which provides free milk to

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