Cache Level 3 Unit 1 Analysis

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Unit 1 – An introduction to working with children E1 + 2 Statutory - West Rise Community Infant School is an example of statutory provision. It is a small infant and nursery school. The nursery class provides statutory childcare provision for children aged 0- 5. The infant school covers key stage one; which is reception, year one and year two. West Rise Nursery welcomes children from 2 to 5 years of age, 5 days a week (term time) from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm. The school works in partnership with the local child minding network to offer care for children aged 0 to 2 together with joint care for working parents. West rise infants have three year groups with two classes in each year. Each class has up to 30 students. Each class has a teacher as well as a teaching assistant, a individual needs assistant will also be provided where necessary. On the grounds where the community infant school is there is also a junior school, the juniors and infants have a shared…show more content…
Being fair with children is very important as every child deserves to be treated the same and to be treated respectfully. For example, by being fair and consistent, you would not tell a child something and then tell another child something else. This would not be fair and it is not being consistent in your work. Another example could be; not to tell a child off for something they may have done wrong and then say to another child that doing that same thing is ok. That would not be consistent as you are changing your mind depending on which child is expressing the behaviour. It also wouldn’t be fair as the child whose behaviour was challenged will be upset and feel disrespected and not liked. The child who was told that the behaviour was acceptable will get confused as someone else may tell them that the behaviour is not acceptable and the child won’t know whether it is acceptable behaviour or

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