Cache Level 3 Childcare - Unit 3 Essay

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Unit 3 Assignment. E1. The 5 different laws that influence working practices in a childcare setting I have chosen to elaborate on are as follows; The Children Act 2004 Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Human Rights Act 2000 Equality Act 2006 The United Nations Convention On The Rights Of A Child 1989 E2. The Children Act 2004 was the start of “every child matters” which makes sure that the child’s well being is paramount. This is done by using 5 points that are the key to any childs well being and future life. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 was put in place to promote civil rights for people who suffer from a disability and to also protect them from being discriminated against. This act was updated in 2005. The Equality Act 2006 provides a framework that protects the rights of individuals and advances equal opportunities for all. This act also helps to strengthen and harmonise a law that protects individuals from unfavourable treatment and promotes a fair and equal society. The Human Rights Act 2000 agreed that children were to have the same rights as adults, which means that children have the right to; respect, dignity and fairness in the way that they are treated. The United Nations Convention On The Rights Of A Child 1989 is an international human rights treaty that grants children and young people a comprehensive set of rights. This includes the right to have a family life, be protected from violence, have a say, be healthy and have an education. E3. There are many policies and procedures that are available to help keep children safe. The Health and Safety Policy is put in place to keep children from harm, it enables practitioners to deal with things such as medicines, reporting injuries and hazardous substances. The Equal Opportunities Policy is another well recognised document that helps and shows how to keep your

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