Cache Level 3 Child Care

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Charlotte Hutchings Unit 2 Assignment D1) Describe the expected stage of social development for children aged 4 years The expected stage of development for a 4 year old child is a sleeping pattern, because its important that they have the right number of hours sleep which is 9 hours. At 4 years children also begin to make friends and like to play in groups, but has not yet developed an understanding of rules e.g sharing toys. Also at 4 years they begin to ask questions about their gender and they become a bit more aware of their body. They also pick up an understanding of manners and responsibility such as please and thank you. At that age children can also use fine motor skills such as using a knife and fork , drawing using a crayon but they use (pincer grip). Reference Four-year-olds can usually play happily with other children, your child is learning to understand about the feelings and needs of others, and can feel sympathy for others.At this age, your child will be organising games and making friends, he can share toys and take turns at least some of the time. D2) Describe the expected stage of social development for children aged 5 years At 5 years old the expected stage of development is to understand rules, they can easily understand yes and no and understand basic demands. They can also understand feelings and ask you how you are feeling, they are also very comforting towards others. At 5 years they can also hide a lot of feelings and show a lot of feelings. They also share toys with one an other and are more kind and considerate towards each other. D3) Describe 1 suitable method of observing and recording the social development of a 5 year old. 1 suitable method I

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