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Abstract Confidentiality, Privilege, Reporting, and Duty to Warn, are all topics that may possess ethical and legal complications. These topics were discussed the video that provided segments depicting the legal and ethical aspects of reporting laws, limitation on confidentiality, duty to warn, protect, and privilege. These topics play an important role in the counseling process. The video detailed the importance of confidentiality, privilege, reporting, and duty to warn as they apply to the counseling practice. When considering these complex concepts do you always consider the best interest of the client? In the field of counseling professionals, challenging problems arise. Knowing and understanding the statures that govern counselors as well as ones that protect their clients is crucial. This paper will examine the American Counseling Association’s (ACA) Code of Ethics that governs the profession, rules, and laws and regulation of the state of North Carolina. Catch-22s This first case stems from Missouri and focuses on reporting laws. This case involved a nurse (Nurse Brown) charged with failure to report a possible child abuse crime and ultimately a three-year-old boy dies. The foster mother brought in the three year old and the nurse noticed bruises on the child. Upon questioning, the foster parent stated that the injuries were the results of the child being jostled in a car seat. The bruises on the child were not document by the nurse. The child recovered and was released from the hospital but returned a few days later. Due to the extent of new head injuries the child dies. Nurse Brown was charged with failure to report child abuse. According to the (NCCASA), the responsible to report child abuse falls on everyone. Physicians and Hospital are required to report certain types of injuries. According to, (Corey &Callahan,

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