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Social Justice: A Look Inside Cabrini College Since hearing of Cabrini College, early on in my senior year, I have heard nothing except how much Cabrini prides itself on giving equal opportunities to everyone, of all races and financial backgrounds and helping all of those in need. Cabrini College prides itself by supporting social justice and fair opportunity. Social justice as looked at by Madonna G. Constatine in her psychological research journal provides the definition as: Reflecting a fundamental valuing of fairness and equity in resources, rights, and treatment for marginalized individuals and groups of people who do not share equal power in society because of their immigration, racial, ethnic, age, socioeconomic, religious…show more content…
Constantine whose theories are recognized around the world as being some of the most applicable theories has come up with the following nine, ideas to help the institution in evolving into a more socially just-able environment: become knowledgeable of the oppression, participate in critical reflection, maintain awareness, question and challenge intervention, posses knowledge on how to heal holistic interventions, cultivate an ongoing awareness of the various types of social injustices, conceptualize, implement, and evaluate comprehensive preventive programs, collaborate with community organizations, and finally develop system interventions and advocacy skills to promote social change processes. Although Cabrini College could work on all the listed solutions there are a few that stick…show more content…
Simply put social justice refers to the equal and fair treatment of all people in all circumstances, no matter those persons background. Looking around the campus here at Cabrini, it seems as though for the most part every student is about in the same standing economically, and socially. Most students are from rural areas, and mainly Caucasian decent. Is it their fault than that they are unsure of how to deal with diversity and treatment of other people? It is! Many opportunities arise for students to get out in the world and learn what social justice is all about, many of these students just aren’t making the strives to learn and care. Groups such as the Students for Social Justice provide workshops for students to come to in order to learn about social justice and how to deal with it in communities

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