Cabeza De Vaca Enslaved Analysis

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“Enslaved” Enslaved was a narrative article written by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. In this article he talked about his absurd quest in Texas when his ship washes ashore Galveston Island in November of 1528. After being washed upon the land Cabeza de Vaca and his crew rested to gain their strength. He sent his strongest man to climb up a tree and exam the land. He discovered they were on an island. Cabeza and Oviedo went out to explore the land on a trail where they found abandoned huts. On their way back they were startled by a group of Indians with bow and arrows. The explorers managed to flee the Indians and revert to their cartel. Subsequently the Indians came back armed. He knew they only had the choice to surrendered or compromise. The…show more content…
Cabeza de Vaca and his aspiring men dug their raft out the sand and used their clothing to repair it. Sailing out they were hit by another wave that shredded the boat again. Many of the men drowned forcing them to return to the island. The Indians returned the next morning to see what happened and immediately withdrew. Cabeza de Vaca explains the events and convinced the Indians to take them back to their village. Some of the men refused to go because of the rumor of Indian cannibalism. The Indians carried Cabeza de Vaca and his men to their village. When they arrived at the village they notice other European goods that happened to come from Captain Andres Dorantes and Alonso Del Castillo. All the European leaders and their crew men worked hard to fix Dorantes ship but were not successful, which forced both groups to stay on the island with the Capoques and the Hans. Cabeza and his men stayed with one and Dorantes and his crew stayed with the other. Winter made things go horrible since food was so scarce. As time went by the Indians turned the Europeans into their slaves making them do duties such as dig for roots, carry firewood, and fetch water. This continued for about six years they were beaten with sticks, slapped in the face, and killed because the women

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