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Caause Of Too Much Using Of Mobile Phones Essay

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Below is an essay on "Caause Of Too Much Using Of Mobile Phones" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

APPROVED TOPIC: Effects of Using Mobile Phones/ Gadgets Too much
Today, our generation is so fond of using different gadgets to fulfil our own pleasure; little we didn’t know that too much using of our own technology may harm us in different ways. The radiation it produces causes cancer, neurological symptoms, changes chemical cells. It weakens the optical nerves, cause idiopathic headaches, and affects the body defences. It reduces fertility of men, reduce sex urge, and imagined aggression. Other people use it for hacking, scamming and affect the human interaction.
  Mobile phones produce radiations that harm the brain tissues that trigger brain cancer. There are studies of long-term cellphone use, have found an increased risk of developing two types of brain tumors on the ipsilateral side among the people who use a cellphone for longer than 10 years: glioma (malignant) and acoustic neuroma (benign). In some cases, other people suffer from neurogical symptoms like migraine, and vertigo.
Computers, on the other hand causes dryness of the eyes, weakens the optical nerves, the blank stares developed as a result of staring at the screen for hours together, idiopathic headaches, and mood swings are some of the effects that arise due to spending too much in front of the computer continuously. Children should never be allowed to immerse themselves in computer games that have too vivid graphics because it curtails their ability to visualize things for themselves. The mental imagery that is developed when reading novels or stories or while listening to good story- tellers is much more vivid than even the best designed graphics.
Lap tops have the added “honour” of even reducing fertility of men due to the high temperature arising out of constant usage. The heat that is produce by the laptop lowers the sperm count of the male who’s using it on his lap. It is best used in keeping an insulating medium like a wooden plank or a file folder between our laps and the...

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