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COM Research Assignment Student Name: Van Nguyen Instructor: Click here to enter text. Date: Click here to enter a date. Specific Purpose Statement: What are you doing your speech on? Possible Search Terms: Click here to enter keywords. ------------------------------------------------- 1. Find a Book using our online catalog: A. Book Title: Click here to enter book title. Evaluate this book. Is there information from this source that you can use in your speech? Why or why not? Click here to enter the reasons why this book is or is not useful in your speech. MLA Citation: Print book in the library Author last name, First name. Italicized title of book. Place of publication: Publisher. Date of publication. Print.…show more content…
------------------------------------------------- C. Database 3: Newspaper Source Plus is a database of newspaper articles. Click on Newspaper Source Plus and search for your topic. Newspaper Article Title: Click here to enter newspaper article title Newspaper Source: Click here to enter newspaper title: i.e. New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, etc. Evaluate this news article. Why is the article useful for your speech? Is the date recent enough to use for your speech topic? What information from this source will you use in your speech? Click here to enter reasons for choosing this newspaper article. MLA Citation: Newspaper article Author last name, First name. “Title of article in quotations.” Title of Periodical date: pages. Title of Database. Web. Date of Access. Click here to enter a citation for the article. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Give an example of how you might orally cite this source in your speech:

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