C&S Marketing Essay

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Problem 1: Unable to monitor agent activity, availability of personnel and their working schedule. One of the main ways of a Call Center is by hiring an agency that will construct the calls between them and customers in term of providing the services. But the main problem of doing it so, the company who provide the services cannot monitor the calls between the agents they hired in term of their performance and time consumption. This main problem will lead to lose and could easily be a waste in term of money and time. The solution that we can provide would be a second-by-second real-time monitoring of agent activity and displays statistics, such as the longest waiting call, on the supervisor's computer screen. The supervisor can track agent performance and react to potential call traffic backups before service levels slip. They can review presents in tabular and graphical format reports of what has happened so far in the day in your call center. Customizable performance indicators use a red light-green light metaphor to show visually when your resources are functioning outside of acceptable levels. Also, a customizable graphs show the trends of selected statistics. Start at the highest level, such as all agents, and drill down to what individual agents are doing on an hour by hour basis. By having this technology, the company actually can save a lot of money by hiring just few good agents to do the calls and they can monitor each of the calls in case of emergency. Problem 2: No mechanism for forecasting demand (inability to identify and analyze the frequent calls that need to be used and provide particular information or new products the callers are looking for). Another problem that a call center would be facing is a mechanism that can used to determine how many agents we need to use in a specific time or in a certain time. This is the biggest problem of many

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