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Topic Paper #1 My topic of interest is credibility amongst those whom have come from not so credible backgrounds and have turned their lives around. This topic will focus on target populations of convicted felons and recovering addicts. The purpose of this project is to confirm that the majority of convicted felons as well as recovering drug addicts have turned their lives around and are productive members of society but the fight to regain credibility is less than favorable. The central questions of this topic will be first how many of convicted felons and recovering addicts have turned their lives around for the better to become productive members of society? Another question that I will address will be do convicted felons and recovering addicts actually ever regain or gain credibility that have been diminished due to their past choices? Another central question would be if they do gain or regain credibility how long is this process? Does it vary? Research in this area is very crucial. It is important to our economy as well as our own knowledge to be informed of this type of data because it affects us on daily basis wither we think it does or not. My preliminary thesis on this is; we as a society attempt to reform the criminalistics minds and the addictive behaviors by teaching positive cognitive thought processes and new routines for the sole purpose of reintegration. When this advancement is actually made we as a society still continue to keep the individual at a certain level in which prevents them from succeeding in life endeavors. Even though we as a society say that we produce and carryout such programs that are to reform convicted felons and recovering addicts to regain a credible standing in the community this is not the case. They are still perceived as “criminals” that are not to be trusted ever and the stigma of a “leopard never

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