C+G 7303 Question 4

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City and Guilds 7303 Theory question 4 Explain the ways in which you would establish groundrules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for each other. When setting up groundrules you need to ensure the group is aware of their purpose and importance in the smooth running of the course. Groundrules should be set up at the beginning of a session as this will help learners feel comfortable and create a positive and open learning enviroment. Whenever possible learners should be involved in devising the groundrules as this creates ownership and provides a vehicle for discussion around their expectations and needs during the course. One option is to divide learners into pairs and ask them to discuss how they would like the course to run, they will then feedback their suggestions and these will be recorded on a flipchart and the rest of the group invited to comment. It is impotant that all students feel able to contribute, so inviting them to add new groundrules to the flipchart throughout the course can help this process. A second option is to have a set of basic groundrules already written up on the flipchart and then invite learners to comment on or add to the list. This would be my preffered method as it suits the type and length of courses that I currently deliver. Examples of ground rules might be: • Starting and finishing on time • Respect each others opinions • Challenge the statement not the person • Mobile phones off or on silent • Listen to others, no interuptions • No offensive. Oppresive or discriminatory language or behaviour. • Take responsibility for your own learning. Groundrules are an agreement between the tutor and learners about how the course will run . They outline what is and is not acceptable and also set out what is expected from and by, the tutor and the
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