C/C Impact of Mongols

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Although similar with economic gain, the impact of the Mongols on China and Persia differed with assimilation. The reason for the difference was due to location. The impact of the Mongols on China and Persia were similar with economic gain. In Persia, the Mongols helped their economy. The wine production increased because the Mongols were fond of alcohol. This would allow for more wine to be produced and sold which led to more money and opportunity to get other products. Silk production also increased. Similar to the wine production increasing, more silk and silk products allowed for more selling of the product and interaction which led to economic gain in Persia. The irrigation systems were also repaired. Repairing the irrigation system allowed more crops to grow, which meant since there was an abundance in crops , there would be an abundance of the income of the products sold. Similarly in China, the Mongols also helped their economy. Taxes were lowered in China which meant that if people paid less taxes they had more money, wealth and crops for themselves basically. Peasant agriculture was supported as well. This being supported allowed China to willingly carry on in the development of agriculture knowing they had the Mongols behind them. Farmland was also protected from the grazing of Mongolian animals. The protection of the farmland would allow crops to grow abundantly and safely leading to an increase in economic gain. The impact of Mongols on China and Persia differed with assimilation. In Persia, the Mongols were more accepting of Persian lifestyles. Intermarriage was allowed between Persians and Chinese. This would mean that their lifestyles would be combined and technically accepted by each other in a way. Their culture was also adopted by the Mongols and vice versa. They were willing to experiment and develop with each other cultures , more
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