C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

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TRINITARIAN CONTROVERSY (CONT’D) Reading: C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, Book IV (“Beyond Personality”), chapters 1-4 („Making and Begetting‟, „The Three-Personal God‟, „Time and Beyond Time‟, and „Good Infection‟) Preparation Questions: 1. How does Lewis try to make the Christian notion of the Trinity more understandable to his readers? Briefly discuss his explanation of the ideas of „begotten‟, „personalities‟, and the idea of God „beyond time‟. His explanation of the word begotten comes very easily when he says “a man begets a child, but he only makes a statue.” He makes things of the same nature as himself. Not everything is the same way he was but is in a way a statue of what god really was. 2. Considering question #1 above,…show more content…
3. Note that Lewis says that „Theology is practical‟. In what ways does Lewis see the theology of the Trinity as practical for the Christian life? That is, what difference would it really make (for Christians or for anyone else) if Jesus was fully God, or not? I think that it would change the perspective in the case that god sent is son on earth to do the things for us the people and if it was god who was doing this instead of his son, it would definitely change the way Christians think about who god is and what he was really about like Lewis talks about the man and a statue just because god sent his son to teach us different things that does not mean they are the same, but if it were god the whole time Christians would not know what to think about Christianity and the teachings from Jesus I think it would change their whole perspective on

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