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In your opinion, was C&B’s Boston office “aligned” with is industry environment and strategy before the reorganization or is it better aligned now? Explain. Case brief analysis: * What’s changing in the industry that’s affecting C&B? What’s up with the change in performance appraisal It is clear from the case reading analysis that a need for change was a reality. A restructure was needed because of the environment shifts (market), the Technology changes and the Organizations grow. But, C&B’s was an Impulsive firm with an Stagnant bureaucracy typical from Headless giants. The industry was also in “change process” that was affecting C&B’s business. There was: * Declining margins of traditional products; * More specialized and complex products; * More sophisticated customers; * Shift in power balance from generalists to specialists; * Customers need more expert advice on esoteric products; * Ken Winston, the regional sales manager for the Boston office of Campbell and Bailyn (C & B) along with his upper management Team created the Key Account Team (KAT) to increase the amount of specialization in the area of product knowledge. KAT was also created to help the customers to get more in depth technical advices on specific issues. However, the KAT design has many weaknesses and issues that in the long run will hurt the organization and decreases the level of productivity of the employees. The change in reorganizing the structure made things more complicated in making large multiproduct trades because more people and more time needed to be involved. On the other hand, the salespeople felt too specialized and limited and were not able to use their abilities in other areas out side of specialty. Winston took advantage of functional and product departmentalization while avoided their weaknesses. Winston forced the employees

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