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C & A Cafe May 16, 2009 Marketing 230 Professor Brown Company Description C & A Café is a small family owned and operated café catering to the all day breakfast lover, provides a full menu with lunch and dinner specials, and a warm, family environment. There is a lack of good restaurants in Clinton, Illinois and C & A Café is going to fill that void. Mission Statement Our goals as a company are to fill the void of a satisfactory restaurant in Clinton and the smaller towns in DeWitt County. First, C & A Café must meet financial goals of the restaurant as well as considering the well being of customers and staff. The café will be employing trustworthy and hard working employees that are courteous, understanding, and will keep a positive attitude throughout all situations. This will help the company strive forward in achieving their goals. Development & Status The founders of C & A Café are my husband Chris and I, Ashley. The café was purchased from a previous restaurant owner that failed to stay in business. This created a great situation for us because with a little updating and cleaning, most of the cooking necessities are already available for use. C & A Café is located on a major intersection and is highly visible. Future Plans The future is uncertain with the state of the economy, however we believe that we can take the town by storm and provide great food and service to the town of Clinton and hopefully draw a customers from the surrounding towns as well. Our projected annual income goal is $125,000. If we can meet or exceed our income goal for 3 years, we will look to expand to a bigger building with more seating. Industry Analysis The restaurant industry in general can be very competitive. If the trend continues, people have became more dependent on eating out because

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