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Below is a free excerpt of"Homestyle Cookies Case Study" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.1. Briefly describe thecookie production process.The production process is called a batch processing system. This process entails the company obtaining orders from distributors. From this point the amountof ingredients are calculated by the person in charge of mixing who enters the information into the computer to calculate the amountof ingredients needed. From this point, the ingredientsare sent to giant mixing machines. Then the cookies are dropped onto a conveyor belt and sent into the longer ovens purchased to increase productivity as well as some cookies being cut on an angle saves spaceso that productivity is increased. Lastly, the cookies emerge and cool then workers place the cookies into boxes, wrap then seal them and label them.2. What are two waysthat the company has increased productivity? Why did increasing the length of the ovens result in a faster output rate? Creating the diagonalshape for the cookieswithout fillings leads to increased productivity because more of them can fit. The purpose is the diagonal shape saves storage space compared to the straight cut cookies. The other way the company contributedto increasing productivity was when they invested in purchasing the longer ovens. Thesenew ovens were longer by 25 feet, which led to increased cooking capacity. The increase in the cooking capacity not only increased production but also saves on fuel expenses because economies of scale applies in this situation.3.a. Do you think that the company is making the right decision by not automating the packing of cookies? Explain your reasoning. I do think that the company is making the right decision for now to keep the thirtylocal women employed. It is an area which could increase

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