Byzantine Empire Essay

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Byzantine Empire’s Purpose Many people wonder why you have to learn about the Byzantine Empire in history class. The Byzantine Empire was located in Rome and was ruled by Constantine and later by Justinian. So why is the Byzantine Empire so important to learn about? Well because they created a basis for all laws and justice today called the Justinian code. Also they preserved classical Greek literature. The Byzantine Empire created a document called Justinian’s Code. It was made to keep harmony during their times because their current laws and rules were codes from ancient times. Also, Justinian’s Code has been given minor changes and been reused by different people, the code even has influence on the Declaration of independence. The article even says “Historians credit Justinian’s Code with shaping our basic ideas about law and justice today.” Therefore the fact that the Byzantine Empire helped shape the rules we use in our society today is a major reason for needing to study them. The Byzantine Empire also preserved various classical Greek literatures. This was done in the ninth and tenth centuries by men that recopied the books in miniscule script. The various authors that were preserved were Aristotle, Homer, Socrates and even Hippocrates, among others. These authors have influenced education, and schooling in several ways. “The most important achievement of the Byzantine lay in the preservation of a sizeable portion of the ancient Greek Classics.” Consequently the Byzantine Empire aided in shaping the way we teach, and what we teach in schools today. In conclusion, many people wondered what the significance of learning about the Byzantine Empire was. After reading the previous reasons many people will understand the reasons why we have to study them, which was their influence on law and the education of the world today.

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