Byzantine Empire Essay

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Fall of the Byzantine Empire The Byzantine Empire was once the wealthiest empire in the known world. The Byzantine Empire’s most prosperous city and capital was Constantinople that was until the Crusaders came in and conquered it. There were many contributions to the fall of the Byzantine Empire one of the major contributors was the Fourth Crusade. The Byzantine Empire was already going through problems with internal struggles and Byzantine-Arab wars, but the Fourth Crusade had the biggest impact. At first the Fourth Crusade objective was to conquer the Muslim ruled Jerusalem but they then conquered Constantinople making it a “Latin” empire in 1216. Another problem was the civil wars due to internal struggles that weakened the Byzantine Empire’s military power. There were two major civil wars, one in 1321, and another in 1341. These Civil wars also severely hurt the Byzantines’ military capabilities. The Byzantine civil war of 1321-1328 was a huge problem because it distracted the Byzantine Empire by allowing the Turks to make gains in Anatolia and set up their capital in Bursa not far from Constantinople. The tax system became ever more of a problem on the peasants, the lower classes of the Empire began to dislike the state. (This contributed to the loss of Asia Minor in the 11th and 14th centuries owing to the arrival of the Turks.) The Ottomans also contributed to the fall of the Byzantine Empire. The Ottomans forced the Byzantines to side with them which contributed to the Fall of Constantinople in

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