Byu English 051 English 11b Portfolio 3 Assignment 5.2 Book Report: "To Build a Fire" by Jack London

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"To Build a Fire" By Jack London Part 1: A summary of the novel, including the main characters, setting, plot, and major conflicts. "To Build A Fire" by Jack London is a third-person account of a man's struggle to trek across the Yukon Territory on foot in sub-zero temperatures. The temperatures drop far below what the hiker had anticipated, but he continues on his dangerous journey unaware of how cold it really is. In the beginning of the story, the man makes consistent progress in his journey and has high hopes that he will make it to camp only a little after dark. As he ventures further into his journey, the temperatures drop and the man becomes concerned with his wellbeing. The bone chilling temperatures make his hands, feet, and face so numb that he doesn't know if they are frozen or not. He attempts to warm himself up, but without avail, he decides to build a fire for warmth. His first couple of fires along his journey are successful until he breaks through a layer of ice and plunges into freezing water. He quickly escapes but realizes that he must take another break to build yet another fire. The climax of the story occurs when he attempts to build a fire to dry up his wet and freezing body. His hands are so damaged by the cold that he cannot move his fingers and he struggles to light a match. After finally lighting the match and starting a small fire, snow that was suspended in the tree branches above is melted by the heat of the flame and the pile of snow falls down onto the fire. The fire is extinguished and the hiker is helpless. At this point, he is so cold that he has lost any hope of making another fire. He tries to kill his dog to use its body to warm up his hands, but after struggling to catch the animal, the man decides to die with honor. Part 2: A brief biography of the author. Jack London was born in San

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