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Lesson 1: 1. Why do people invent new technology? Have those reasons changed in the modern period? Creativity crosses all aspects of life, thus the invention of new technology is a way of expression. Through inspiration and the development of talents of mind and hand things are created and destroyed everyday. The ambition of being the first to create something new, something better can be considered part of necessity. As time progresses, and people begin to think outside the box about certain daily tasks and chores, ideas arise that can reduce the time spent doing certain things or for those that as more determined, they seek out an entirely different mechanism in which to do said responsibilities. 
2. Why would some people oppose railroads as a new form of transportation? Why would they oppose new forms of transportation in general? In the late 18th and early 19th centuries the use of Rail Cars was an improved invention that not everyone thought was for the greater good. Before Railroads really took hold as a staple of overall transportation, there were many people who used horse-drawn carriages to transport their supplies. With the introduction of the faster and more efficient railroad many people were scared that their jobs would be compromised. In a sense the only reason anyone was in an opposing position on the topic of new Railroad integration was because they were worried about there own income and not how much more efficient it would be over all. Little did those people know that railroads would help come to change the entire face of transportation in the United States. 
3. How do growing businesses and new technology continue to affect the economy? When a new invention is born and adequately advertised, a business is created that brings in money. The amount of money collected depends on the amount of consumers partaking in the use of that product.

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