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BYE BYE NOODLES is a brand of instant noodles produced by Mallick Groups under MK Foods (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd in Nepal. Bye Bye was launched in Nepal initially with the collaboration of Thai Foods Industries, and has led to establishment of a huge market for instant noodles in Nepal. After about a decade, there are over 20 different brands of instant noodles in Nepal, providing various seasoning, flavors and diets. Abhishek Mallick is currently the company's Managing Director and overseeing its rapid expansion plan. Serving Styles: Bye Bye can be eaten straight from the package or cooked in soup form. Unlike ordinary noodles, Bye Bye is pre-cooked, flavoured, seasoned and fried before packaging. It comes in various seasoning flavours. A pack of Bye Bye includes chili powder, masala (mixed spices) and onion oil which can be used to prepare the soup. Bye Bye's are rich in carbohydrates, minerals and proteins. Chicken and vegetarian flavored Bye Bye are the most popular flavours. Flavors: Bye Bye noodles are available in Chicken, Veg, Spinach, Schezwan, Manchurian, Chicken Curry, Veg Curry , Chicken Pizza and Kimchi flavors. These are available in cup and 'quick' variants. Popularity: Bye Bye is perhaps the most common brand of dry foods sold in Nepal and are available and are available in any part of the country. Instant noodles consist of a major part of the dry foods sold in Nepal and are available in any part of the country. Bye Bye goes Global: Bye Bye-KENYA: In the initial phase, the company would go international by exporting the products to Kenya- that is making products domestically in Nepal and selling them abroad in Kenya. Once the products gain popularity and gain experience in international markets, the company would go for a direct investment. This could be achieved by setting up a foreign subsidiary as a separate and independent production facility

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