By The Waters Of Babylon

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By the Waters of Babylon Scenes are easily depicted through the usage of descriptive adjectives and words that flow together to create a scene in a persons mind when reading a story. When an author uses imagery in his or her stories, they are creating a more realistic and visual understanding of what they’re reading. In By the Waters of Babylon by Stephen Vincent Benét, imagery is used to describe the atmosphere, setting, and events in an artistic way. For example, imagery is used to describe when John was waiting for a sign. Benét wrote, “I was very still - I could feel the sky above me and the earth beneath. I waited until the sun was beginning to sink”(313). Benét tells of the surroundings and settings in an imaginary way. Another example of imagery is when John is looking around the waters, “I saw both the banks of the river – I saw that once there had been god roads across it, now they were broken and fallen like broken vines”(315). This describes what used to be of the old places he is visiting in the east. The author uses similes to add more to the image being painted the reader’s mind. Also, when John was in the midst of the night, “Everywhere there were lights – lines of lights – circles and blurs of light – ten thousand torches would not have been the same. The sky was alight – you could barely the stars for the glow in the sky”(320). This shows Benét describing the beautiful, god-like sky that John sees that night. A night covered with stars so full that all you can see in the brightness of the stars reflections. Benét uses descriptive words to form the vision of this night to all who read the story. In conclusion, Benét uses descriptive words and similes to create an image in the reader’s mind in order to make the story more visual and personal to the
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