By Considering Frankenstein and Blade Runner Together, We Come to a Clearer Understanding of the Significance of Each Text. Discuss

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The Novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley and the film Blade runner by Ridley Scott, though composed in different centuries, share a number of common key issues including the excessive ambition and the lengths one will go to achieve that desires; the importance of nature to society; and what true humanity is. By considering the two texts together, we gain a clearer understanding of the issue within and significance of each text. Both texts warn about the terrible consequences of excessive ambition as the motivation is predominately selfish, rather than for the common good. Both Victor and Tyrell are blind to the results of their irresponsible scientific experimentation and so both suffer grievously at the hands of their creation, not considering the extreme consequences of medalling with nature, We feel an empathy towards the creatures rather than the creators due to their indecent and morally wrong acts, and also their reactions. Tyrell is a god-like individual who represents corporate greed, ambition and the willingness to sacrifice mortality and humanity. He built up the large Tyrell cooperation, creating replicants with human features and emotions, yet only a four year life span. The Tyrell cooperation is also a representation of the threat of growing multinational corporations such as the Asian tigers during Scott’s time contrasting which can be connected to the time Ridely scott was writing in a time of industrial growth and multinational coorporations. Tyrell’s making a creation that only gets to live for four years is unethical, Tyrell ‘you were made as well as we could make you’ Roy: ‘But not the last’. His desire for power, glory and wealth blinds him to the consequences. By looking at Tyrell, we are given a clearer understanding that, what Shelley’s character, Victor is doing is also wrong. It highlights the significance of Frankenstein’s blindness to
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