By 1961 It Was Clear That the Usa Was Losing the Arms Race, How Far Do You Agree?

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By 1961 it was clear that the USA was losing the arms race with the Soviet Union, how far do you agree? The nuclear arms race could be said to have been central to the cold war. Many began to fear where the Cold War was going whilst the USA and the USSR where building up stock piles of nuclear weapons. But was the USA really losing the arms race or was in in fact the USSR who was falling behind? It could be said that the USA was actually ahead of the Soviets by 1961 with the creation of the Atomic bomb in July of 1945. The creation of the A-bomb spread fear across the world, especially throughout the USSR. As this was the first nuclear weapon sucesfully produced it was obvious that the USA now secured its place as a superpower. Due to the USSR's post-war economy they where not able to have their first A-bomb test until four years later in August of 1949, clearly showing that the USA was clearly ahead in the arms race at this point in time. The USA then went onto create the first B-52 long-range bombers. These where able to fly 6,000 miles and deliver a nuclear payload. Such a development required massive financial backing from the goverment, something which America could afford to do and Russia could not. These also show that America was ahead in the arms race as the USSR where unable to transport nuclear weapons to anywhere near the distance that the Americans where able to do causing the USSR to become even more secure. On the otherhand it could be argued that it was the Russians who where ahead in the arms race with things such as the USSR's first Hydrogen bomb test in August of 1953. Despite the Americans being the first to test the H-bomb the USSR had managed to close the gap in the arms race creating their own in less than a year. This shows the USSR slowly beginging to move ahead on the USA as it had previously took them four years to test their first
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