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Buzz Dance Theatre (originally called 2 Dance) was formed in 1985, by Derek Holtzinger. It is based in Perth, Western Australia, in the Kings Street Arts Centre. It began touring schools and communities in Western Australia in 1986, and added three more dancers to the original members of the company. The company was funded by the WA Arts Council and the Education Department of WA, and aimed to educate young people through dance. There are 25 members in Buzz Dance Theatre; 2 actors, 6 dancers, numerous directors, a lighting designer, artistic director, sound designer, composer, playwright and managers. The lighting and sound designers aim to create a dramatic and interesting performance, and aid in the presentation of the choreography and message. Lights can be used to create atmosphere during a performance; it can symbolise lightning or sunlight, can be used to express emotions within the dancer, or can be used along with music and sound to surprise the audience. The artistic director creates and choreographs movements for the dancers to perform. He/she uses the choreography to portray a message or emotion, and creates the performance. The playwright (specifically used in ‘EcoBots’) assists the artistic director in creating a story and/or message to portray to the audience. Dialogue is created to express the meaning in a simpler and more straight-forward way. The role of the dancers and actors is to express the message that the artistic director has put together, through movement and dialogue. They are used by the artistic director to communicate the underlying meaning to the audience. The current Artistic Director is Lucas Jervies, whose choreographic style is both classical and contemporary. He has worked in ballet, classical, dramatic and contemporary environments, and has created many dance and theatre works. Jervies’s choreography for ‘EcoBots’ was

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