Buying Your Teen First Vehicle

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Leola Robinson English- 110 Essay: rough draft 2/17/14 Buying Your Teens First Vehicle Consider all aspect when choosing a car for your teenager. Because younger drivers tend to have a higher tendency to get excited and do things like tx and drive, drag race, power slide or doughnuts, its important to look at all aspects of the vehicle characteristics like cost, highway safety and reliability, because kids think they are imperishable, parents have to add protection for them. By the time a kid is 10 years of age he she already has an idea of what kind of car they want. Kids would rather get that cool sporty convertible or that 400 horse power vehicle, with the 20 inch rims, but parent should consider the big slow and ugly vehicle when it comes to safety. First time drivers need safe, reliable transportation that will not break the bank, that’s what parents should keep in mind when considering what car to buy a new teen driver. The first consideration should be, what the car will be used for, daily commute, car pooling or something small for parking on college campus, should it be fuel efficient, and is it for short or long distances. If the car is used for short distance, then a used car may be less attractive but you may be getting a bigger bang for the buck. A new car will have more of the new safety features but will loose 20 to 30 percent of its value in the first two years. Insurance will be expensive for a newer car because young drivers are less experienced. But for a used vehicle it could be less. Younger drivers do not acknowledge dangerous situations on the road, and therefore do not react appropriately. Although newer cars are more expensive they are equipped with more safety features like, (ESC) Electronic stability control and front- collision warning. Front collision may not be the most deadly for teens but they are type of

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