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Buy Nothing Day Argument Essay Buy Nothing Day is a lesser known holiday that occurred a couple years past on Black Friday, a day traditionally known for buying an extravagant amount of goods in preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Some urge the worldwide acceptance of this holiday in order to “expose the environmental and ethical consequences of overconsumption.” The implications of this holiday can be both beneficial and harmful although here, the bad quickly overwhelms the good. The focus of the holiday season has quickly become about buying gifts and other consumer goods. Religious people generally argue that the holiday season is being overwhelmed with the ideology of buy, buy, buy. The institution of a Buy Nothing Day would allow for a focus on things other than shopping. People could use the hours usually spent waiting in lines to worship and spend time with friends and family. Also in having a Buy Nothing Day, money isn’t spent. Each year, more and more money is being spent on relatively frivolous consumer goods before the holidays while others struggle to achieve daily necessities. The money usually being spent on gifts can be donated to charities that can help those who are struggling enjoy a time of peace during the holidays. A Buy Nothing Day could be of social benefit to an extent, but would it overall be beneficial to the broader scope of ethical and moral standards of consumption? Not likely so. Imagine having all your choices guided by the impersonal government. From choosing the flavor of rotisserie chicken to buy, to what house you live in and for how long. We don’t have an all controlling government because we don’t need one. We should not establish an annual Buy Nothing Day because the government wasn’t formed to control citizens’ moral/selfish problems. Establishing an annual Buy Nothing Day doesn’t leave room for exceptions. If

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