Buy Nothing Day

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Buy Nothing Day Buy Nothing Day. What benefits are there to reap from such a day? Could a single day be of such great significance? Would people even consider taking part of it? Todays society has become built upon this monster market economy. The trade of goods and service has become far too simple, yet so much more complicating. It is said that the human heart encases a void that is unsatisfiable, unquenchable, and unfillable. Buy Nothing Day’s approach is far too miniscule to have any effect on halting global consumerism. Buy Nothing Day would have an insignificant impact on the significant problem that is overconsumption. Buy Nothing Day has the potential to hinder a fragile economy such as America’s. Every economy that exists today revolves around the circulation of money. The American government knows that time is money and that is the reason federal employees are rarely given a day off. In a day without such work the river of money in the country withers into a stream. The same can be said for times when people cannot buy goods. When goods are purchased, the money is traded back and forth and dispersed across the country to create the economy. When nothing is being purchased, the laborers are not being payed and the flow of money stops there. This would come to no one's benefit and would damage an already unstable country. Americans are one of the most notorious people when it comes to consumerism so what would cause them to participate in Buy Nothing Day? Buying what is wanted, yet not necessarily needed, has become the staple for life in this country. Researchers today claim that the average American child consumes and wastes substantially more than children in nearly every other country. Shopping markets and factories enable these people to acquire whatever it is they want as long as money is traded. It is a lifestyle not many would choose to just
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