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Buy Nothing Day The term “money can’t buy you happiness” is not true for some people. In fact, people buy things to make them happy. Society purchases items all day, every day, spending money almost wherever they go; except for one exception, Canada. In 1992, Canada organized a Buy Nothing day where consumers did not buy anything within a period of 24 hours. This allowed society to be exposed to the environmental and ethical consequences of overconsumption. The United States is very prideful in its economy. We’ve fought for our freedom and we’ve made ourselves a “Big Brother” over some countries. With this being said, a Buy Nothing Day would not necessarily make the United States content. The results of a Buy Nothing Day would be both severe and dangerous; people would boycott, the risk of getting injured would increase, and transportation would be a problem. The United States has always had a problem with boycotting; in fact it is one way that society speaks to the government on a new position or act. During the Progressive Era, Prohibition was enforced throughout the United States. Prohibition was when the manufacture and sale of alcohol was illegal. Rather than the drinking percentages go down, the rates skyrocketed and nearly doubled. The rates of consumerism would either go up the day before or after the Buy Nothing day, therefore making it pointless. There are two holidays throughout the year that the United States spend the most money on, which are Thanksgiving and Christmas. People rush to get the best turkey or to buy the latest new toy. They are so involved in getting the best that they will go to any extent of getting what they need. This would cause injuries before the day of the Buy Nothing Day. This is both dangerous to both society and the markets, making the Buy Nothing Day useless. Roughly over 75% of society has their own type of

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