Buy Nothing Day

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Buy Nothing Day Essay Buy nothing day was organized in Canada in 1992 as a way to increase awareness of excessive consumerism. It proposes environmental protection and ethical implications of over consumption. It can reflect on our society addiction to buying. Whereas People are being forced to buy something, because of the advertisement/commercials’ the products are giving to attract people to buy. It is their choice whether to buy something or not, they should not be forced. If it is successfully employed, will save millions of watts of electricity used to produce consumer goods and conserve numerous barrels of the precious oil that fuel our economy, reduces our carbon emission by tons. Buy nothing day will save even more energy and reduce the amount of waste worldwide. The society often neglect a forget of resource that we need to continue our lavish lifestyle. Buy nothing day will also save money and time. Buy nothing day will also encourage an ethical understanding of the consumerist lifestyle. For example, the recent economic recession proves to be a disaster for many families. During the recession, the consumerist lifestyle became unsustainable as markets crashed and employees lay off. Developed nations consume a lot. Internationally recognized holidays like Earth day proves to be successful in protecting our environment. Buy nothing day should be widely supported due to the tangible amount of energy and resources saved on this particular day and the lifestyle that it promotes in this excessively consumerist society. With the establishment of Buy Nothing Day, it will benefit
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