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Tommy Gladysz Ms. Vierneisel AP Language and Composition – 8 December 4, 2011 Buy Nothing Day: Good Cause, Bad Idea The Buy Nothing Day, which was first introduced in 1992, would not quench the thirst of the behemoth of an economy that is the United States. The Buy Nothing Day, as first introduced in Canada in 1992, would not decrease consumerism in the long run, and it would not be accepted in American society. The world depends on what the U.S. economy does, and there is no chance of Americans, or the whole world for that matter, in adopting the practice of consuming less. The Buy Nothing Day would be a cause in which some hippies and college students take part in, but on the global scale, it would never work. America has the largest economy in recorded human history for a reason. It is It’s because of the overconsumption of goods and services that so many Americans have becomebeen accustomed to. The Buy Nothing Day would only create turmoil within the struggling American economy. The Buy Nothing Day would never be accepted by many Americans to significantly make a difference. The goal of the Buy Nothing Day is to cut down on consumerism mainly in the United States, because it is the biggest consumer in the world. What these hippies behind this idea do not realize is Americansthat Americans will not give up their consuming needs for any one day. Even if they did, they would make up for it the next by shopping more, or by going to Black Friday and spending even more money. This year, on Black Friday alone, the American public spent 50 billion dollars. Unemployment quickly went down .5 percent, down to 8.5 percent. Retailers began to hire more people for the consumer season, and more people got jobs and therefore the economy grew and more people got out of unemployment. The over consuming society of America has proven time and time again that it can get

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